My No TV Challenge

couchpotatoHello everyone out there, hope you are doing well. As always, thank you for checking in with me. What is new with me you ask? Well for a long while now I have felt completely under the gun with laundry list of fun and not so fun activities we have had planned and some how I find myself scrambling often at the last-minute to get things done in time. I thought I had pretty good time management skills, so I figured it came down to too many things in my life. What to do? I guess I have to eliminate something. Hmm.. that was difficult because I didn’t really want to get rid of anything I had planned. After a week of contemplating every day of what I should do, I came up with the only answer I could think of. TV had to go. Yes, I was taking a no TV two-week challenge to test myself and whether I could free up some time to get my other tasks done. The few people I have told about it first gasped and then said you’re crazy… how will you relax then? Good point- I do enjoy turning my brain off at the end of the day and just watching a great TV show. Really by the time we’ve had dinner, cleaned up, done bedtime routine with our son and then packed lunches for the next day we only get about an hour of TV during the week nights. Still if I took that hour to write a blog post or read a couple of chapters of a book then I’d both be relaxed and ahead of the game. One problem I’ve encountered this week though is I am not home at night until late or my hubby isn’t home til late which means I’ve had to do all the nighttime routine myself, so really I have yet to gain any time to get myself ahead. This weekend I’m away for a bachelorette party weekend and next week the hubby is away fishing… so the ironic part is I haven’t actually had a chance to sit down and be tempted to watch TV and don’t foresee much of a chance next week either. Ha, ha, ha! So all I do is laugh to myself. I guess I’ve learned TV isn’t much of a priority in my life, but it is the summer time and there isn’t anything on TV anyway. I might as well watch TV when I can because obviously I do take on too much and have little time to watch TV any way. Not willing to give up on busy schedule just yet, I’ll just keep thinking that I’ll rest when I’m dead until then I guess I’ll keep living every minute, full steam ahead.

Unless of course you wise people out there, have any advice to offer me? Is everyone else always on the run trying to balance everything and get it all done? I sure hope so!

Well here’s hoping to find some balance this weekend. Until next week!

❤ Melissa

2 thoughts on “My No TV Challenge

  1. Doreen September 20, 2014 / 9:34 pm

    The only advise I have is make the best of life as its really short. I think as long as you are happy that’s all that counts. 🙂

  2. Mandy September 21, 2014 / 8:46 pm

    There’s always Bachelor Canada! Pour that glass of wine, get out of reality for an hour, and enjoy! We all moms deserve it!!!!

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