Current Work

My blog is the main focus in my writing life currently. I want to share my experiences coping with the chaos of life in today’s world, having so much on the go and trying to balance it all. My blog is based my fears, my hopes, my dreams and ambitions surrounding my passion for writing and for life. It certainly isn’t easy to feel all these emotions from joy to terror, but I want to share those feelings with you. The more I connect myself to the people out there the less alone and crazy I feel. At the end of the day, I wanted something that would force me to sit down and write, not just a story, but a journal of the real me in hopes maybe someone could relate to it.

In addition to blogging on my website and to satisfy the fantasy part of my imagination, I am also working on a romance novel called ‘Unforeseen’. The lead character, Kendra Carter, struggles with her emotions after her current long term boyfriend asks her to move in with him. Her parent’s divorcing when she was young left her with some commitments issues. Just to mess with her emotions even more, a hot new french architect named Gabriel Trembley starts working in her office to really shake her up. Stay tuned to find out what happens and for a sneak peek.