Poetry Friday – Time To Come

time quote 2Hello again, my friends! I’m sorry that it’s been awhile since my last post. I actually hadn’t realised how much time had passed. A month. Yikes! I was on holidays two of those weeks and then running around the other two. The running around hasn’t actually stopped; in fact I’m writing this as I wrestle my two-year old. He kicking my computer and turning it off because obviously I am ignoring him and he’s trying to get my attention. Sigh! Complicated, multi-tasking life… how is there never enough time? Well the fact that I am 8 months pregnant and prefer to nap in my afternoons than write surely makes things difficult, but soon enough this baby will be out of my belly and in my arms and life will still be chaos. Ha, ha! Flying by the seat of pants as most people do. I was going through some of my poetry and trying to find something to post that would go along with the time theme of today’s post. I found “Time To Come” and felt it appropriate. So, happy Friday! May your weekend be filled with many happy, chaotic moments. Please enjoy my poem!

❤ Melissa

Time To Come

As time unfolds the elaborate web,
in which the years will string,
the mystery of forgotten unwinds.
The passage from my youthdom
has carried itself out towards extinction.
I understand my adulthood to approach
with quickened seconds and to end
with seemingless endless moments.

Only the future becoming the past
will portray the way in which my predictions
were wrong or right.
Regardless of expectations or goals,
I am to be the person I will be
graduated from each day I live.

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