Poetry Friday – Time To Come

Hello everyone and happy Friday once again. Happy Poetry Friday! I feel like my life is playing out in fast forward these days; the hours in the day just slip away so quickly. Where is time going? I can’t keep up!! Messy house, events to plan, people to see, child to care for, blog to write, work to do, house to renovate. Yikes, yikes, yikes!!! And it’s such a gorgeous day out right now: the temperature is rising, the sun shining, birds chirping. I just want to escape it all and sit idol and quiet for as long as possible to enjoy it. But there isn’t time for that! No time! Speaking of time… I wanted to share a short poem with you in the spirit of no time while I attempt to take little time from you great people. This is a quick read. I’m off to finish my mile long to do list… last item on the list is writing. Again! So frustrated at the moment with that, but that’s a poem for another day. 🙂 Happy weekend my friends. Hope you are well and enjoy a quiet moment to yourself!

❤ Melissa

Time To Come

As time unfolds the elaborate web,
in which the years will write,
the mystery of forgotten unwinds.
The passage from my youthdom
has carried itself out towards extinction.
I understand my adulthood to approach
with quickened seconds and to end
with seemingless endless moments.

Only the future becoming the past
will portray the way in which my predictions
were wrong or right.
But regardless of expectations or goals,
I am to be the person I will be
graduated from each day I live.

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