Happy Birthday to sasloveswords.com

Happy-Birthday-balloons-vector-1Happy Friday everyone! And happy 1st birthday to my website!! Bring on the balloons, hang up the streamers, let’s celebrate! One year has flown by… I can’t believe it. I owe another huge thank you to all of you who were with me from the beginning and for everyone that joined along the way. Your support is immeasurable, truly. As with any new adventure, the first year had its ups and downs; sometimes to the point where I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue, but when I saw people reading my words and responding with such encouragement it pushed me to not give up that easy. So who wants cake? Ha!

There are some things I learned along the way this year. First thing was I am more tech-savvy than I thought I was. Okay so a lot of credit has to go to WordPress for supporting my site and giving me a template to work with, but not everything was so straight forward. I still had to figure out how many tabs to create, sub-tabs, how load the information to those tabs. I am not web designer, so I basically just was flying by the seat of my pants and making it up as I go. Secondly I discovered a deeper understanding of myself through writing my posts each week. I understand more how my self-doubt and fear holds me back from my potential and when I get the courage up to push myself passed those boundaries wonderful things happen, like meeting complete strangers all over the world who I connect with. It’s amazing! I also learned that it’s really okay to take a little selfish time to myself, let the laundry pile up and the dirt sit on the floors a little longer, so I can have some time to do something I am so passionate about. I have written almost 40,000 words in my book, rediscovered a love of my poetry, revisited old short stories and fueled my love of the written word. I took a weekend by myself to go to a writer’s seminar which really inspired me and gave me more tools in my belt. I feel like I have come far, but still have far to go. The year ahead is not going to be an easy one to balance, for reasons I am not yet ready to tell the world, but I will persevere and do my best. I will keep my heart and mind open to new experiences, to find inspiration every where I can and to enjoy each day as it comes with the highs and the lows.

I hope you will bare with me and stick around to see where the next year will lead. I will continue to post my poetry, book reviews and random writing thoughts and adventures. I will stay consist as much as I possibly can.

Thank you all for reading; thank you for sharing; thank you for being there; thank you for your encouragement.

Happy, happy birthday to my blog!! Cheers!!!

❤ Melissa

Poetry Friday – Time To Come

Hello everyone and happy Friday once again. Happy Poetry Friday! I feel like my life is playing out in fast forward these days; the hours in the day just slip away so quickly. Where is time going? I can’t keep up!! Messy house, events to plan, people to see, child to care for, blog to write, work to do, house to renovate. Yikes, yikes, yikes!!! And it’s such a gorgeous day out right now: the temperature is rising, the sun shining, birds chirping. I just want to escape it all and sit idol and quiet for as long as possible to enjoy it. But there isn’t time for that! No time! Speaking of time… I wanted to share a short poem with you in the spirit of no time while I attempt to take little time from you great people. This is a quick read. I’m off to finish my mile long to do list… last item on the list is writing. Again! So frustrated at the moment with that, but that’s a poem for another day. 🙂 Happy weekend my friends. Hope you are well and enjoy a quiet moment to yourself!

❤ Melissa

Time To Come

As time unfolds the elaborate web,
in which the years will write,
the mystery of forgotten unwinds.
The passage from my youthdom
has carried itself out towards extinction.
I understand my adulthood to approach
with quickened seconds and to end
with seemingless endless moments.

Only the future becoming the past
will portray the way in which my predictions
were wrong or right.
But regardless of expectations or goals,
I am to be the person I will be
graduated from each day I live.

A Tribute To My Grandpa: WWII Veteran and Laughter Enthusiast

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Easter weekend, this post is20150322_151449 one that I have been putting off for weeks now; not because it wasn’t important, quite the opposite actually, because it is so important that I get the words right. I have been writing it over and over and over and over again in my mind for weeks and to be totally honest I am still a little nervous as I type this. I am dedicating this week to my Grandpa, Alfred Heitzman, who passed away February 22, 2015. This man meant a great deal to a lot of people and I certainly don’t want to let any one of them or him down by not expressing myself in the best possible way. The only way I know how to honour him honestly is to turn off my mind and just let my heart speak the words it needs to. So please bare with me as I gather my courage and open my heart.

One of the single most things I remember about my Grandpa is his laugh. He had the kind of laugh that would make other people laugh just because of it. He told dirty jokes and had a wicked sense of humour.The “Heitzman” laugh is something that was passed down to my Dad as well: a throaty, full-hearted laugh that makes me smile now as I think about it.

Growing up, I didn’t feel like I had the closest relationship with my Grandpa that maybe I would have liked to. He loved to talk about rugby, LOVED to talk about rugby and cricket and most of the time when we talked, I felt like I couldn’t relate to the things he loved to talk about. In the past few weeks, many stories and memories of him have been shared by other members of my family, extended family and family friends which in hearing them I’ve come to realize that maybe after all I was more like my Grandpa than I ever thought. He loved to sing, loved music and loved to make people laugh. Though I don’t sing outside the walls of my house, well outside my car or my house, I love to sing; I love music more than anything, almost as much as I love to make people laugh. These ‘love-of’s’ are things we shared.

On the day we buried my Grandpa, my Dad read a passage from the bible and also made a speech about what his Dad meant to him. The one thing he said that touched me more than anything was when he called my Grandpa his hero. I never realized that my Dad saw him that way, but I can understand why. My Grandpa served in World War II in the Allied Forces, Special Forces Division. He was sixteen. He was there in this unimaginable situation, part of the ‘first boots on the ground’ battalions, still a child. At sixteen I was worried about whether my parents would let me borrow their car and if I’d be home from school in time to watch the latest Backstreet Boys video on MuchMusic. I couldn’t even imagine being on the front lines of a war. Yet he was there and somehow he survived several wounds including being shot in the leg. In fact, he was shot during battle, sent back to the base to recover and when he did, he was sent back out to war. The strength and courage it must have taken to go back after having a close call already is admirable to say the least.

I am not sure if it was despite the tough times or because of them that made him who he was. Above all else, he loved life and fought for it. Several times over the past few years, our family received a call from the care home where he was living saying that we’d better come soon to say our goodbyes because it didn’t look good. Every time we’d go, visit and think this was it but time again he would surprise us and keep on going. Even in his final weeks when we were told this would be the end for him, he surpassed all estimations and fought for nineteen more days before he passed away. He wasn’t going to give up easily. He didn’t give up easily.

Strength. Courage. Humour. These are character traits I hope are instilled inside me. Though I know I have barely scratched the surface of his 90 year lifespan in this post this week, I just want to say thank you Grandpa for fighting for a better future for your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren. That is not something I take lightly; I know many people made the ultimate sacrifice to fight evil. Now that you are reunited with Grandma and your family once again, I’m sure wherever you are now the room echos with laughter, maybe yours loudest of all.

Rest in peace, love and laughter.

Until one day (should I be so lucky far, far, far, far in the future), when we meet again. poppy-flower-hd-wallpaper

❤ Melissa