My Top Three Tips for Surviving the Christmas Season

SurvivalGuideHappy last Friday before Christmas! If you’re reading this, I’ll congratulate you for being so prepared that you have spare time to read my little blog post. Thank you! And if you’re using to procrastinate on your last Christmas preparations, sorry but thank you anyway! To those of you who celebrate Christmas, you know how much work and stress it can be. The build up to the actual day can be exhausting and I thought I would share my top three tips for surviving this Christmas season.

Tip One: Always have several bottles of wine on hand – it’s a guarantee that unexpected company will invite themselves over last-minute. You want to be a prepared host, so always be sure to have a bottle of wine ready for guests. More importantly, have a bottle of wine prepared for yourself. Consuming alcohol is the best way to calm the stressed nerves.

Tip Two: Keep an extra box of chocolates- chances are a neighbour or extended family member will drop by with an unexpected gift for you. No one likes to be empty-handed when someone comes with a gift. You could give them this box of extra chocolate, but I suggest keeping it for yourself. Chocolate goes great with red wine and the sugar rush will give you the final energy to wrap all those presents.

Tip Three : Borrow A Child- Though the world may feel like it’s closing in on you, though you may be tired, overworked, underpaid, stressed out… a child is happiness. They are pure and embody the essence of what Christmas should be about. Joy. So if you don’t own a child yourself, borrow one from a family member or friend. After I’ve had the worst day ever, I walk through the front door and my son smiles while running to greet me; the worst of the day melts away when I lay my eyes on him. Spend an hour in the world of a child and suddenly you’ll remember what life was like without a care in the world.

So… wine, chocolate and a child’s laughter and you can survive the last few days before Christmas. Really that’s pretty much how I survive every day in this crazy world. Now I just want to take this opportunity to tell you next week I am going to take a week off of blogging to spend more time with my family. I would like to wish each of you the happiest of holiday time. No matter where you are, who you are with, whatever holiday you celebrate, I wish you love, laughter and peace. May the year 2015 be filled with the happiest moments with all your dreams, wishes and resolutions fulfilled. Thank you for sharing in the journey with me during 2014. I hope you’ll stick around next year to see where my writing path leads.


See you in 2015!!!

❤ Melissa

Poem Rewrite: “History” New and Improved

Hi everyone. Hope you had a great week. Here we are again, poetry Friday- Revision and Edit Note Edition. Last week I posted the original version of my poem, “History“. I spent the past week updating it to what I like to think is a much better version and as good as I can make it at this point. There were a lot of repetitive words like “that”, “when”, “and”,  as well as unnecessary words such as, “thinking of days before”, “simply forgotten”,”you are the historic”. To write great poetry, the useless words need to be cut out. Every word should have some importance to the imagery of the poem. “Simply forgotten” and “you are the historic” were much too obvious statements and hit the reader over the head with the message of the poem, which really is just bad poetry. It is implied throughout the poem the narrator is having difficulty writing about the emotions. Those emotions I had in my mind while I wrote it directly relates to a bad break up. At the end of the poem, ‘the historic’ is never recorded, so telling the reader they are ‘simply forgotten’ is redundant.

The next editing I did was to remove some confusing lines, such as, “I need a drink so I drown myself in water…”. These lines did not make sense upon review because during this part of the poem the narrator is expressing though much time passes they are still unable to write their feelings down. Though ‘drinking until you drown’ would take some time I didn’t feel I could portray this clear enough to keep it in the poem. So I deleted it. 

I don’t want to dissect this poem so much that I take the enjoyment of reading the new and improved version away from you, the reader. With that, I give the 2014 version of “History”. Please read, enjoy and feel free to leave me comments on how you like the new version. 

As always… thank you for reading and for sharing. Happy Friday! 

❤ Melissa


With the last breath of day
the fall of night,
I write history.
Falling into poetic release,
I am the historian.

My weakness for solitude
prevails in the night air
as I turn to liquid ink.
Succumbing to passage of unconscious thought
hoping upon revival
answers will be inked.
Though I walk this endless trail,
I am still lost in liquid ink.
Though a million years pass,
I am still lost in liquid ink.
Knowing I possess the immortality
dripping from my finger-tips,
history written.
I am the historian knowing no history
you, the historic,
never recorded.

Poetic Time Travel

20141204_143126Happy first Friday in December. My life is still crazy and feels stuck in fast forward; how’s yours? This time of year always make me reminisce of times before and I was looking back at one of my first poetry journals. The journal itself holds special meaning to me because it was the first present I’d ever received from my hubby. We’d only been together a few months maybe and I remember when he gave me the journal I thought to myself he was special. He knew how much I liked to write and so thoughtfully gave me a special place to hold it. This poem comes all the way from 2001 and is one of the first ones I wrote in my journal that I felt good about sharing. I was an angst filled teenager when I wrote this, and it’s pretty good starting place. I copied the original version below and thought it would be fun to take the next week to edit it and show you the new and improved version next week. In keeping with the time travel theme, the poem is entitled ‘History’. There are definitely some words within the poem that need to be made history too. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping in and finding time to read in the hustle and bustle of approaching Christmas. See you next week with the better version of ‘History’ with my edit notes!

❤ Melissa



With the last breath of day
and the kiss now of night,
I write history.
Falling into poetic criticism,
I am the historian.
Thinking of days before,
you are historic.
Confused at what I am doing,
I turn to liquid ink.
Allow the passage of unconscious thought
hoping that when I revive myself
this will hold the answers.
My undying weakness to be alone
prevails in the night air.
I need a walk to clear the haze
so I take the trail round the world
to find myself still lost in liquid ink.
I need a drink,
so I drown myself in water
to find I am still lost in liquid ink.
I need a moment
so I allow a million years 
to find myself still lost in liquid ink.
Knowing I possess the immortality
pouring out of the tips of my fingers,
I have written history.
I am the historian who knows no history
and you are the historic,
never recorded or simply forgotten.