Poetry Friday Is Back

It’s that time again.. happy poetry Friday! Hope you all have been inspired to write some really great poems.

As you read this I will be up in Whistler at the Whistler Reader and Writer’s Festival well into my first seminar about self publishing. I am so excited to learn and make new connections with fellow writers and readers. I will blog next week about my experiences from this weekend. 

For now, it’s all about the return of Poetry Friday. A few weeks ago I was feeling a darkness in my heart and needed to exorcise it. No better way than reaching in deep and letting that black pour out. I consider myself a very happy go-lucky lady, but I am not afraid of exploring the sadness inside me once in a while. It’s healthy to let it out and for me the best way to do that is write it. It’s entitled “Demon” which is also kind of fitting as we gear up for Halloween coming in a couple of weeks. This piece is inspired by that devil on your shoulder telling you can’t/won’t/don’t/etc. But you can see what you get out of reading it. Enjoy!

❤ Melissa


I compel my body,
command it to shift.
It stands, resistant.
The voices near.

My sense are acute
his presence near.
My ears pound,
blood flooding,
The voice here.

His wicked surrounds me,
lips poison my thoughts.
I am weak.
I am failure.
I am powerless.

His tentacles close in
around my body,
my breath shallow.
His stinger injects me,
the poison thick.
I collapse in the weight.

My limp body
dragged deeper
in his black world.

My heart clings to
the last crevasse of light.

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