Book Review – Freeing Your Child from Anxiety by Dr Tamar Chansky

FreeingHey everyone, hope you are all doing well this week. Guess what!

It’s book review Friday again and this week I am reviewing a different kind of book. I haven’t read many “Self Help” books, so I thought since I do suffer with anxiety myself that I might find some benefit from reading the book, “Freeing Your Child from Anxiety by Dr Tamar Chansky. It has always been a worry of mine that I might pass on some of my anxious tendencies on to my son, so I figured this book might be  a good read for me.

The book does a great job chapter by chapter establishing a game plan to address any anxieties your child might have from mild to severe. The book is easy to read and uses a lot of pictures and review bullets to make it reader friendly. The book starts off with signs to look for and ends by using real life examples and how to use the tools that were provided throughout the book.

It was easy to follow and read and I would recommend this book if you are concerned about your child having anxiety or if you yourself suffer with anxiety. I recognized some of the anxious traits in myself like avoiding big groups of people in social situations and being nervous at big events. 

The language used by Chansky is child friendly. Since my son is still little, I won’t be able to put her book to the test just yet, but I hope any of you who do have an anxious child of an appropriate age to use her techniques find this book benefits you. 

Much thanks once again to for providing a copy of this book to me in exchange for this review.

Have a fantastic, anxious-free weekend and a great week. Thanks for stopping in and take a moment to read my review.

Until next week!

❤ Melissa

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