My One Requirement to Write

Happy Friday everyone! Hope this week has been good to you. For me it’s been busy as always. I always have so much on the go. This week I wasn’t sure what to write about. I was thinking about what gets my creative juices flowing and what inspires me. When I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop, the first thing I do is turn on the TV and tune into the spa music channel. Classical music has always been a requirement to help me write. Somehow it calms me and clears my mind of its distracting thoughts and allows me to let the words flow on to the page. When I’m not distracted by the blink, blink, blink, red, blue, green light on my cell phone. Ha, ha, ha… but we already went through this on a previous blog post.

From the time I started writing when I was sixteen, every night I would sit in my room on my old, clunky computer with its dial-up internet connection if anyone can remember what dial-up is and I would turn on my CD player (if anyone remembers what a CD player is) 🙂 and I would listen to the Titanic soundtrack, over and over again. The dark, moody tune of the songs would amp me up in the dramatic parts of my story just as the sweeter songs would inspire me in the lighter parts of my story. I wrote my first three novels to that soundtrack. My story comes to life in my mind much easier when I hear a song playing in the background that I think would fit  if it were made into a movie. We all know movies would be awful if there wasn’t dramatic or romantic etc music to accompany it. This is how it works in my mind too.

 When I hear a song on the radio, I always listen closely to the words  and suddenly I find myself picturing a mini-movie in my mind. I see people, the emotions, the world described in that song. I automatically turn those words into a movie in my brain, am I the only one who does this??

Music is extremely powerful and healing. I’m not sure what I would find on the page if I couldn’t listen to beautiful classical music and have a glass of wine beside me when I write. Both are my writing vices. They both ensure the writer’s block stays away, far, far away.

What are your writing vices? What evokes strong feelings in your world? I’d love to hear. As always, you can tweet me @sasloveswords, email me or simply comment at the bottom of my post.

Thank you ever so much for joining me again this Friday and I look forward to reconnecting with you next week.

Happy music filled weekend!2012-10-22-Classical-Music

❤ Melissa

3 thoughts on “My One Requirement to Write

  1. Biggest writing vice would be coffee. As much as I love music I don’t listen to it when I write although certain songs certainly play a backdrop for a scene or could easily inspire me to write.

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