Poetry Friday Continued – My Tips and Tricks

Happy Friday once again. Hope you all had a great week and felt inspired to write some poetry. This week I thought I’d continue with the poetry theme from last week and discuss some tips that I use when writing my poems and show examples from my poems last week. I know a lot of people find writing poetry a daunting thought, but really it’s not as hard as you might think if you use these tips and tricks. The first tip to me is the most important:

1. Find your inspiration: It doesn’t have to be about love or a broken heart which were the inspiration for both my poems Band and Unspoken last week. Find anything that really moves you and write about that. A lot of my poems describe feelings of love because it is the strongest emotion and gives me the most inspiration. There are so many feelings that stem from love, but nature is also a big source of my inspiration. When I take the time to observe the world and the stunning images it produces, it can evoke strong feelings within me. Every day I feel so lucky to be alive ; living in this beautiful and troubled world gives me great inspiration, positive and negative.

2. Do not use clichés: Poetry is about finding words to describe how you feel without using common sayings like “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” or “At the end of my rope”. Using a cliché is probably the worst thing you can do in a poem. You might have to dig deep to find another way to describe something without using a cliché, which can be difficult because we are all guilty of using them in every day conversations. Often I have found that I don’t even realize I have written a cliché until I go back and re-read my poem. That’s when the editing comes in.

3. Use imagery: Use descriptive words and vivid images to evoke feelings in the reader. One of my examples of imagery comes from my poem “Unspoken’: “my body will collapse in on itself, implode in the warming sensation pulsing throughout…” This image in meant to express the feeling of when your heart is racing so hard that you can feel the blood pumping throughout your body(warming sensation pulsing…)  making it hard to catch your breath (body will collapse in on itself…) Take poetic license (no pun intended) and use artistic description to make the reader think and more importantly feel what you are writing about.

4. Write in Free Verse: This gives you the freedom to focus on the words and not the parameters of say a haiku type poem. When you are writing rhyming poetry, it is easy to become focused on writing the rhyme rather than the image or feeling you are trying to describe. I myself have been guilty of this in the past as I have talked about in my previous blog post “The Reason I Stopped Writing in Rhyme”. That was my break through moment in my poetic career when I freed myself from rhyme and focused on the words and images instead. To anyone who can write in rhyme and still write amazing poetry, kudos to you for sure!

5. Eliminate Unnecessary words: Then, and, the, a- all take away from your poem. Poets are very careful in choosing their words and the less words you use the more significant the words you do use become. It’s only in the second or third time I edit one of my poems that I seem to eliminate these unnecessary words. I keep editing my poems, removing words or using more descriptive words until I am finally happy that no useless words remain. 


Well those are my top five tips for writing excellent poetry. I hope you find them useful and also hope you feel inspired to go write some amazing poems. If anyone is feeling brave enough, I’d love for you to share your work with me. I love reading as much as I love writing.

Finally as always, thank you for taking the time to read and connect with me. Thank you to all my new Twitter followers all over the world for reaching out and joining me on my writing journey.

Until next week… happy writing!

❤ Melissa

One thought on “Poetry Friday Continued – My Tips and Tricks

  1. Well I will try my best to use your tips and write a poem. Might take me more than a week but I will eventually share something 😉

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