A Poetic Post

Hi there, here we are again. This week, as promised, I am classing up my blog with some of my poetry. Let’s explore those emotional demons from the depths of the soul. I have for you two poems written some time ago but freshly edited. I deleted unnecessary words to give the words I do use more focus and importance. I hope the poems emote feelings of love and fear. Fear of love in ‘Unspoken’ and just the power of two people in love in, ‘Band’. Once you’ve read them both, let me know how you enjoyed them. I’d be happy to discuss them further with you next week if you’d like to dive deeper into the meanings of the words and tips on writing better poems. Your comments are always appreciated and taken to heart. Happy Poetic Friday on sasloveswords.com Enjoy! ❤ Melissa



If you proceed to touch me again,
I will not hold back.
Kiss my neck one more time,
my body will collapse in on itself,
implode in the warming
sensation pulsing throughout.
Talk to me,
don’t disappear in this silence
abandoning me in passion,
don’t disengage eyes from mine.
Speak in poetic movements,
every part caressed.
Keep me distanced from the door
the world outside,
My urgent yearning,
causing our atmosphere
to close in.
The candles bow,
dim in the lust heavy air.
The moon succumbs to the sea
stars close eyed.
The world slips away
nothing left,
Our bodies safe together
until the burdened door opens.
My silence will pierce
your incomplete heart.
For if I cannot dismiss my desires,
you will come again.
If I cannot voice them,
forever I lost.



Every day I look
towards my finger
to remember;
words we spoke,
the kiss that united,
tears and trembling hands.
A room vibrated with laughter,
warmed with embraces.
Family and friends
sparkling with
illuminated candlelight.

The band encircles my finger,
swirls round the past
to the future.
The life inside it
never will fade.
band us.


5 thoughts on “A Poetic Post

  1. Love to read ur poems love, always have a way with words i’ll never understand but am lucky to have seen so much of your work. Keep it up!!

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