Blogging for Books

Happy Friday once again. I hope you’re all doing well. Hopefully you get a to have a long weekend too. It’s strange having Canada Day on a Tuesday. Lucky for me, I am off Monday and Tuesday and looking forward to spending that time with my little man.

Each week it’s getting harder to think about what topics I’d like to blog about. I’ve been blogging every week for over three months now. WOW!

Some how on the weekend I stumbled across a website called Blogging for Books ( which instantly grabbed my attention. After clicking on the link, two big bold questions appeared on the website’s main page… “Do you blog? Do you want free books?” Um… YES and YES! I’m always a skeptic though and was sure there had to be a catch, so I read further. I read their “About Us” page, their “Terms of Use” page, their “Q&A” section: all of it and found nothing except it was as simple as registering for an account, choosing a book to read and the only thing they ask in return is to post a review about the book when I finish reading. It couldn’t be any more perfect, so I signed myself up right away.

The first book I chose is called ‘The Opposite of Maybe’ by Maddie Dawson. It even got delivered right to my Kindle in seconds. I’ve only had time to read a few pages, but so far I am quite impressed. My attention was grabbed right away and I felt like I could relate to the main character. I don’t want to make any other quick judgments, so I’m going to hold off saying anymore until I’ve read some more of the story.

In addition to talking about my writing life and sharing my work, I’m also excited to share my book reviews with you too. I know a lot of avid readers out there and it’s always fun to recommend a good read. Maybe I’ll even take page out of Oprah’s book and start my own Sas’ Book Club… ha, ha, ha… 🙂

The hard part is finding time to read now. After working my day job, writing my blog, writing my novel, trying to promote myself on Twitter, searching the internet for inspiration and trying to connect to other writers/readers, my Mommy and wife duties, plus friends and family…. I am not sure how to squeeze it all in… but I will… some how. If I could only give up watching the dirty drama of the TV Show The Bachelorette, I’d gain two hours a week for other things. I simply cannot shake my addiction to the watching how a group of men fight for one girl’s heart and the testosterone driven drama that arises from it. It’s a very guilty pleasure. Instagram is another guilty time stealing pleasure I should give up, but I just can’t… not yet. I have to keep myself in the social media loops if I’m going to continue to find ways to connect with all you wonderful people out there. Connecting with you all is certainly a great pleasure and lastly I thank you again for taking the time to read, comment on and share my blog. Your support is not taking for granted and always very appreciated.

Until next week, Happy Canada Day! 🙂

❤ Melissa

One thought on “Blogging for Books

  1. And by the look of you list of visitors to your website from across the globe your social media promoting seems to be working. What country will it be this week??

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