Poll: How Naughty Do You Like Your Book?

Hi everyone, this week I’m looking for some feedback on what you enjoy or don’t enjoy in a sexy-time scene when reading a book. We all know how the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy exploded into a massive readership and there were some pretty dirty scenes. I guess that’s what intrigued most of us into reading them, just to find out how far E. L. James was going to go, or should I say how far were Ana and Christian going to go.

In my novel, Unforeseen that I’m writing currently I do have a couple of love scenes that I’ve written and there might be one or two still to come. How much sex is too much? As a reader do you want to know every move the characters are making, the penetration, the quivering climax or do you shy away from all the glorious detail and prefer more romantic details. For me as a reader, I do enjoy a little graphic detail, but I hate reading the corny way sometimes it can be described in typical romance novels such as… ‘his pulsating manhood’. I mean what lady in real life is thinking… damn I want his manhood right now? It takes me right out of the moment in the story and I can’t help but laugh. I’d like to think readers are more sophisticated than that. Should we call it like it is… his penis? Or is that too crude and distracting from the story telling?

I’ve created a poll below to get your feedback. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Sex-Factor of a great romance book. What’s your rating?

As always, thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts! Happy Friday!

❤ Melissa


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