The Word Count Relief

Hi everyone, it’s almost the long weekend. Yay! Well for me it has already begun and thank goodness. Our little family is escaping the hustle and bustle of busy life for a leisurely trip to a sleepy beach town. Time to unwind and relax. So needed!!

This week I really struggled with what topic to write about on my blog this week. Last week was very personal to me and difficult to write. I put a lot of pressure on myself to find the best words I could to honour Jackie. I don’t think I would ever be 100% happy with what I said because you can never give someone’s life justice in a few words. However, this week I wanted to lighten things up a little and talk about my favorite button in Microsoft Word… the Word Count tool. I love Word Count. No I’m serious I really do. Every time I sit down to write my novel I always check my word count on what I’ve written that day. My goal is to write about 500 words each writing session and I’ve been so excited the past two times to say I’ve written about 1200 words each time. I know 500 words is really nothing in the grand scheme of my book, but each time I’m getting closer to the end. So in a weird way checking my word count every time brings me some small relief that I am getting there. Currently in total I have written over 20,000 words!! I can’t believe it. Only several 10’s of thousands to go. 🙂 The first novel I wrote, which is very poorly written, keep in mind I was seventeen when I wrote it has over 76,000 words in total. So 56,000 more to go! Ha. In the book world that’s considered a novella not a full novel. At the end of the day, I’ll just have to wait, write and see where my current book finishes at.

I promise I will be giving a sneak peek at some of what I’ve written in the next couple weeks, but first I will be asking for some of your input. Next week there will even be a poll where you can vote on how much sexiness you like in the books you read. Stay tuned for that!

For now, enjoy your long weekend! I hope you get time to relax, laugh and spend extra time with the people you love. Until next week!

❤ Melissa

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