My New Web Page

Welcome to my brand new website!! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing this with you.

I always want to be better, want to learn more, understand more, be more. For a long time now, I knew my website needed work. My old one just didn’t have the shine that I wanted it to anymore. I would open up the internet browser and go to my home page and feel deflated with what was presented on the screen. My options with the ‘’ page I had before just weren’t fulfilling my needs and desires to grow my business and my website image. Sorry!

After reading many reviews on Google, I decided seemed like a good fit. The creativity flowed as I started building my new site, but I want to present the best version of myself, so I committed myself to viewing writer website after website, getting ideas, Googling for tips and tricks and must-haves. I signed up for “The SITS Girls” newsletter; their website is filled with advice on blogging and social media for women for any ladies out there interesting in expanding their blogging empire like me. I spent hours reading tips on the WordPress help section and weeks creating my website. I created an “” page which I included in the sidebar of my website. I scrutinized every detail of this site: every tab, every word, the images I am presenting, the topics I am going to talk about and how much personal information to reveal. 

Even though my blog started off as a fun way to connect with family and friends and journal my experiences returning to my writing career, I wanted to present myself in a business like manner going forward and see if I can capitalize on any future opportunities in the Freelance Writing World.

So here I am; the better web version of me. The “Melissa Ash aka sasloveswords” version. I am more accessible, easier to share with your social media: just click the share buttons at the end of each of my posts to post to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, Google Plus or WordPress. (How cool, huh?) At the top of my page you can subscribe to my blog updates. Please do! I’ll send you an email each time I update my blog, and I promise I won’t clog up your inbox with harassing emails. 🙂 I plan to blog once a week, so that’s the most you’d hear from me. Just a weekly check in. 🙂

I’ve worked really hard to make this page user-friendly and I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can use my “Contact Me” page or leave me a comment at the bottom of each blog post. I hope you like what I’ve done.

I look forward to connecting with all of you, to blogging about my real/writing life and sharing my experiences and thoughts. Hope you’ll stick around for the journey. For those wondering where the names Melissa Ash and sasloveswords came from, you’ll definitely have to stick around for at least the next blog update. Everything will be explained then. As the saying goes, always leave them wanting more.

Until next time!

 ❤ Melissa

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